Retro bus at night

( Photo taken on 10 June 2015 )

Retro bus at night

One day at night , I took a bus to go home after my shopping at local mall . The bus looks very old retro style ( quite 20-30 years ago ) but still look good and unique . I took a difficult photo shot as the bus was shaking a lot . I aimed to the ceiling near the driver with light and very old style fan . It would be the lightest area on the bus since the other areas are much darker , that won’t be good for photo shoot .

Most buses in Thailand are old and outdated due to the lacking of development on public transportation . I don’t like the bus system but we have no choice . Sometime I dream of modern and high-tech buses in Thailand ( like in United Kingdoms or Germany ) . I hope someday we will be able to reform the transportation and get the new and better buses too .


White clouds over darker clouds ( RARELY SEEN )

( Photo was taken on 25 Oct 2018 by Sumsung Galaxy Note 10.1 )

Look like blue sky and stormy sky are in SAME time.

It’s quite RARELY SEEN . I took a shot this photo when I was going to shopping mall . I walked out of village along the road and saw the white clouds gathering above the ( other ) house . It looked so clear white on the top and cover the darker clouds . It’s look like the blue sky & stormy sky are in SAME time . The scene is look so beautiful like painting on canvas .


Village where I am living

( Photo taken on 14 Sep 2014 by Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 )

Retro-Western style townhouse village

This is the area where I am living . It’s a large village full of townhouses there . The architecture is quite retro western style but the building’s quality is not so good . Many people who come to live in this village have to spend a lot of money for renovating and repairing their houses ( include mine too ) .

Anyway this place is look good by it’s own way , it reminds me of the Mediterranean style of building like in Italy or Greece . The resident designer of this village did the poor design for utility since they using concretes to build which is mainly absorb the heat . It’s not suitable for the tropical country ( Thailand ).


Orange cloud before dark

( Photo taken on 5 May 2014 by Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 )

Sunset behind the cloud or Sun shine on the cloud ?

In the late evening , I opened the window on my home’s corridor and I was surprised to see the orange clouds in the sky . I wonder if the sun shine on those clouds or the sunset is behind the clouds . It’s look like a last light of a day before dark , so beautiful and eyes catching . So , I decided to take a shot and I love it .

It’s one of my favorite photo shoot of mine 🙂