( This photo was taken on 3 Sep 2016 )

Super Cute Pikachu ( Pokemon ) welcome you to the arcade center

I found this cute Pokemon character , Pikachu , at arcade center in Central World Plaza . But , I am not sure this Pikachu is for show or the arcade game in itself ( that you might have to insert some coins to play or operate it ) . Well , children seem to love this and always gather around to play with it . However , this arcade center is quite a small one with less type of arcade games there , some are children games or even the violent racing game like ” Burnout ” . This Pikachu is look so cute and chubby enough to make you want to hug it . So , I would say it’s the most popular thing for that arcade center .

  • Pikachu is one of the main characters of Pokemon , the world-widely famous Japanese anime series . It’s a hamster who can shoot the electricity to his enemy . He is owned by Satoshi , the pokemon trainer who is the main character and they are always travel together .

Pink sunset sky that look like animation scene.

( Photo was taken on 7 Feb 2016 )

It’s quite RARE to see the sunset sky in pink because we are mostly see the sunset sky in orange . This photo is look like the work of art by nature . The sky is like the canvas painted by brush , look so colorful like animation scene . This is the wonder of nature that I am so happy to take a photo of it . Also , the buildings of both side of my village is in dark tone . So , it’s a good contrast with pink tone of the sky as the dark tone make the pink tone more emphasized and clear .



Chinese dormitory in Thai temple area

( Photo was taken on 8 Dec 2015 )

The unique Chinese style dormitory for monks in Thai temple’s area

This area is inside Thai Buddhist temple named ” Wat Sriiam ” , it’s the temple that near the end of my village and it’s also the only temple of the village too . I notice that this dormitory has Chinese style architecture contrast to the Thai style temple . But , that’s quite natural in Thailand where many Chinese people comes from mainland and lives here for centuries . So , you can see Thai-Chinese style buildings in almost everywhere in Bangkok . This monk’s dormitory has Chinese style roof and the windows are wooden crafts which is very rare to find these day . But , this area is not for visitors so I couldn’t get inside and shoot more photos of it .

I really love those wooden crafts windows .

Shining lights of sunset through the cloud

( Photo was taken on 10 Nov 2018 )

One of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen

I was doing the exercise at village area in the evening and saw this sunset . The sun was going to be out of sky but still shined it’s light through the clouds like a farewell to the day . The sunlight shined like a huge spotlight , it’s rarely seen . Also , the dark tone of the twin building was a nice contrast with the sunlight . So , the sun said special goodbye to us and see you tomorrow , that’s a true beauty of nature .


Dark clouds are covering the light

( Photo was taken on 19 Nov 2018 )

Rain is coming , time to find the shelter .

I took a shot of this photo when I was going to Central Bangna ( shopping mall ) . The dark clouds were cover the sky , the rain was coming . So , I had to be hurry and get into the shopping mall . It’s another good photo shot that we can see the moment when dark clouds cover the lights . The dark clouds’ shape was look like a wave that wash away the light . After that , the heavy rain was fall down like crazy . So , I was glad not to be outside that time .




Blessing lights from heaven through dark clouds

( Photo was taken on 12 Sep 2015 )

Even in the dark , there will always be a light .

This gorgeous photo was shot when I was at BTS ( Bangkok Train System ) Station’s platform . At that moment , the sky was covered by the dark clouds like there will be a heavy rain . But , there were the lights shined through the dark clouds like a aurora blessing from heaven . That was so beautiful and heart touching moment for me . It’s quite a perfect timing to see and take a shot at it just 1-2 minutes before the train was arrived at platform and I had to get in .

Also , this photo has some beautiful hidden meaning . Even in the dark , there will always be a light . That’s mean even in the bad time , there will always be a hope . So , no matter the hardship we face in our life , just don’t give up and keep going . The bright and better tomorrow will be there soon .

I hope this photo can inspires you people , good luck and be hopeful .