I went to Siam Paragon one year and a half ago . There is a small seafood bar at the supermarket area calls “ The Dock “ serves mainly seafood in western style . The menu of this bar has a various seafood dishes like the fresh oysters , New Zealand mussels , giant crabs … Read moreFISH AND CHIPS : THE DOCK – REVIEW ??????

Tasty and Classy Thai green curry

( Photo was taken on 26 Aug 2016 )

Thai green curry in mini utensil on flat basket . Actually , this Thai curry is not a home cook , it was bought from the local market . My mom had an idea to pour the curry in the small kitchen utensil and put the utensil on the Thai style flat basket for art decoration . So , I took the photo of it . The curry looks so tasty and classy when it comes to proper decorating . After taking photo , we enjoyed this curry together until it was empty .

  • Thai green curry is one of the most famous Thai dish and one of the Thai’s signature recipe . The curry is mainly cooked by green chilies paste , coconut milk and fish sauce . It’s very hot and spicy but tasty . It’s one of the most popular curry in Thailand and you could find it everywhere . The curry is perfectly well-match with rice ( or Thai jasmine rice ) , sometime with rice noodle .
  • Flat basket is being used from the ancient time in Thailand . It’s made of wickers so it would be known as ” wicker basket ” . It’s a container that commonly used in household to contain things like fruits or vegetables . Sometime it can be used to contain chilies and dry them outdoor . Today , wicker basket is an export product of Thailand and it’s still used mostly on the countryside .


Spicy and tasty Sichuan style tofu on table

( Photo was taken on 15 Dec 2016 )

I went to Chinese restaurant ” Hua Seng Heng ” in Bangkok with my mom to have some good food outside . We ordered several dishes but the highlight is ” Spicy Sichuan style tofu ” . It was so tasty and went well with bowl of rice . So , we were enjoy eating a lot . It was the happy moment we spent together since we didn’t have much chance to go eat outside , not often .

Sichuan style spicy tofu is called as ” Ma Po To Fu ” in Chinese . This dish was originated in Sichuan , China . It’s one of the iconic Chinese dishes around the world . The softness of tofu , minced meats and spicy sauce are a perfect combination . It’s said that the person who invented this recipe is old woman very long time ago ( probably ancient era )