Colorful skywalk at night

( Photo was taken on 15 Dec 2016 )

Skywalk at night in Bangkok , decorated with colorful lights on the ceiling . It’s a part of New Year Celebration theme of 2016 . It’s a festive days so there were many people around . So , it’s quite difficult to do the photo shooting because there would always have people blocks your camera’s sight . I felt quite uneasy to take a shot on the skywalk so I went to the ground and take a shot from there instead . Also , it’s quite a better sight to see colorful skywalk from ground too .


Heavenly sunset sky

( Photo was taken on 15 Mar 2015 )

This must be what the real heaven look like .

I just took this photo shot when I arrived at Central City Bangna in evening . It’s the moment when sun was going to be out of horizon but covered a bit by some clouds . It was absolute gorgeous . The sky was a great combination between clouds , sunlight and background blue sky . It’s look so beautiful like a sky in heaven . So , I think if the heaven is truly exist after death then this might be the look of it . My soul would be there happily ever after .

This is one of the BEST and MEMORIAL Photo shot of my life .


Clouds cover the sun ( over my house )

( Photo was taken on 20 Dec 2016 )

Nice photo of dark tone clouds cover the brightness of the sun. You can see the beautiful contrast between dark and light tones .

I saw this sky when I was outside my house so I took a photo shot . It’s the time when the sun was covered by dark tone clouds just over the area of my town house . It’s look so beautiful , the dark clouds was so contrast with the brightness of the sun . Actually , the clouds may not fully covered the sun but partially let some light through it . Moreover ,  the partial light from the sun also contrasted with the darkest tone of buildings too .


Spicy and tasty Sichuan style tofu on table

( Photo was taken on 15 Dec 2016 )

I went to Chinese restaurant ” Hua Seng Heng ” in Bangkok with my mom to have some good food outside . We ordered several dishes but the highlight is ” Spicy Sichuan style tofu ” . It was so tasty and went well with bowl of rice . So , we were enjoy eating a lot . It was the happy moment we spent together since we didn’t have much chance to go eat outside , not often .

Sichuan style spicy tofu is called as ” Ma Po To Fu ” in Chinese . This dish was originated in Sichuan , China . It’s one of the iconic Chinese dishes around the world . The softness of tofu , minced meats and spicy sauce are a perfect combination . It’s said that the person who invented this recipe is old woman very long time ago ( probably ancient era )



Spiral lights in Toilet ( Another color in another day )

( Photo was taken on 12 July 2014 )

The lights on the toilet’s ceiling at Central World shopping mall in Bangkok ( same place as previous post ) but it was on another day . I notice that this time the color of the lights was darker blue tone . So , that would mean the ceiling’s lights might be changed into different colors in every week . Although it’s the same lights in the same place , I took the photo in further angle than last time . The different colors of ceiling lights in each week make me feels it’s look more fancy like a different places .

Yes , more than just a toilet =D

Unique Spiral lights in toilet

( Photo was taken on 6 July 2014 )

Most unique lights in toilet I have ever seen .

4 years ago , I went into toilet in Central World , the Shopping mall in Bangkok . At first , I didn’t notice anything much until I stared up to the ceiling , I was stunned . There was the spiral lights on the ceiling with the unique look . Moreover , there were a lot of something like hard papers or cards hanging along the spiral lights , it’s look like a ” curtains ” . So , I took the photo shot on it . I must say that the designer had done the good idea to put it inside the toilet , make it more than just a toilet but the work of art . I was so impressed with the design . So , I can spend all day staring at it without boring .


Exotic fierce face on skytrain

( Photo taken sometime in 2017 )

Another photo taken and credited to my mom in the Bangkok skytrain station’s platform at Ekkamai , Bangkok . It’s a same place as her previous photo but not the same day . She spotted the BTS train from the opposite side of the platform with the painting on it . Actually , the painting on the train is just the advertisement for the bank but it has the Thai traditional mask dance call ” Khon ” at the end of cabin ( on the far right of the photo ) . That Khon dance character has a fierce face , so scary enough to make children cry I guess . It’s the first thing that will catch your eyes when you see it .

( My apology if the quality may be dropped and the size many be small . I have to crop this photo from the large original in order to focus to Khon’s fierce face. )


Beautiful Sunset in Bangkok ( View from Sky train’s platform )

( Photo taken sometime in 2017 )

Beautiful sunset in Bangkok’s cityscape . This photo is credited to my mom , she is a very good mobile photographer who always use her iPad Air to take a photo of many eye-catching things around . She works in Bangkok with her relatives and always travel around by BTS ( Bangkok train system ) . One day , she was on the way home and waiting for the train at Ekkemai Station’s platform . She spotted the beautiful sunset covered by the tall building on the left side . Therefore , took a photo of it in the right moment .

The brightness of the sun is contrast with the dark tone of the building , RARELY to see . Also , you can see the beautiful skywalk under the railway in the shadowed area too .





( Photo taken on 18 Feb 2015 )

Midnight ceremony of Chinese New Year

This photo is taken while me and my family were doing the Chinese New Year ceremony . Our family is nationally Thai but we have the ancestry from mainland China . ( I am quite the 3rd generation who live in Thailand ) . Traditionally , we do the offering ceremony for day and night . Also , we will lit the firecrackers ( it’s said to make the evil spirits run away ) and burn the joss papers ( to offer the dead people ) . The tradition of Chinese new year’s ceremony has passed on from generation to generation .

This ceremony of our family took place on midnight . The weather is chill a bit with some gust of wind blow to us . We had joss sticks , joss papers , oranges and some snacks . We didn’t buy too much thing for offering since the economic recession . So , we tried to save money as much as we can do . After the offering , we prayed to spirits for luck and prosperity and burn the joss papers . The smoke were scattered everywhere to nearby area , full of burning smell . ( In fact , the others families in the area do the ceremony as well .

We wished things will be better for us in next year ( 2016 ) and we went to bed .



Retro bus at night

( Photo taken on 10 June 2015 )

Retro bus at night

One day at night , I took a bus to go home after my shopping at local mall . The bus looks very old retro style ( quite 20-30 years ago ) but still look good and unique . I took a difficult photo shot as the bus was shaking a lot . I aimed to the ceiling near the driver with light and very old style fan . It would be the lightest area on the bus since the other areas are much darker , that won’t be good for photo shoot .

Most buses in Thailand are old and outdated due to the lacking of development on public transportation . I don’t like the bus system but we have no choice . Sometime I dream of modern and high-tech buses in Thailand ( like in United Kingdoms or Germany ) . I hope someday we will be able to reform the transportation and get the new and better buses too .