I went to Siam Paragon one year and a half ago . There is a small seafood bar at the supermarket area calls “ The Dock “ serves mainly seafood in western style . The menu of this bar has a various seafood dishes like the fresh oysters , New Zealand mussels , giant crabs , seafood pastas , lobster Thermidor also fried food like “ fish and chips “ . ?????

Later , I ordered fish and chips as I am personally love fish and chips . It’s also my favorite British food and I would love to tried in every restaurant that serve it . The bar is an open kitchen so I can see how my dish prepared and cooked . The chef prepared the cod and coat it into the breadcrumbs . Then , he laid down the cod on fryer fill with hot oil , deep fired it for a long time . ????

Meanwhile , chef also cooked potato chips . The chips seem to be either frozen or packed on bag not the freshly peeled . He simply put the potato chips into the hot oil but on another fryer . Frying both fish and potato chips in the same time would save a lot of time and chef spend more time on pan for more difficult dishes . ?

After about 10 minutes of cooking , my fish and chips was finish and served on bar table . It was so tasty and delicious . The potato chips were so crispy and soft inside . The cod fish was also crispy and meat was juicy inside the batter . But , the best thing is the dip sauce . It’s special tartar , the mayo combines with lemonade juice and small piece shallots . It’s look a bit green and so tasty and I would say this tartar sauce is the best I have ever tried . The sourness from lemonade could kill the richness and oiliness from fried fish and chips . It is the very good balance . ?

So , The Dock’s fish and chips was delicious . The fried foods and sauce were in good quality . I could enjoy this dish even they give me 3 pieces of cod fish . Everything was fine . However , one thing I would complain was the price because it was raised from about 250 baths ( fews year ago ) to 350 baths . I think the price was raised excessively despite of the materials were the same , not that upgraded . ???⬆️??

Finally , The Dock’s fish and chips is still my favorite dish there . The price may be up a lot but I think it would be fine if I rarely eat it . I thing I could manage my purse to eat this dish with no worry at all . ?

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