( Photo was taken on 31 Mar 2019 )

One of my favorite Japanese dish is ” Tendon ” and this Japanese restaurant can cook BEST in Thailand . Tendon is a rice bowl topped with ” Tempura ” , the egg-batter fried foods such as shrimps , corn , eggplant , carrot , fish and any others . Then , pure the soy sauce or special sauce on it . This recipe is quite popular around the world also in Thailand too .

What make it so special is they used the BIG SIZE prawns , you won’t find any Japanese restaurant in Thailand would give you this . The batter is crispy , the sauce is tasty and the big prawn give you a big bite of delicious . The price of this dish may be high , 250 baths ( now is 400 ) . But , it’s worth my money and time .

This restaurant named ” Hokkaido ” , the northern most main island of Japan . It can be assumed that owner either come from Hokkaido or the first branch might be found there . The owner is an old man who is a diligent worker . He is always welcome customer in front of this restaurant , greeting to us for when we come in and come out . Actually , it’s not only Tendon but also the other dishes are also tasty with very high quality too like Sushi , Sashimi , cream croquette or crab gratin . So , this is my favorite Japanese restaurant that I would love to eat everyday ( if I am rich ) .

So , I wish ” Hokkaido ” will be prosper and even more successful . With respect to the old man and his restaurant .