COLORFUL SUNSET SKY ⛅️🌇🌆 ( ฟ้าอัสดงสีสดงดงาม ⛅️🌇🌆 )

Sunset sky that look like digital painting on program ( ฟ้าอัสดงที่ดูเหมือนกับภาพวาดลงสีบนโปรแกรมคอมพิวเตอร์ ) The colorful sunset sky when I was walk out the village before dark . The memorial shot I almost miss because I was in a hurry and don’t care anything around . Until I unintentionally look up , I saw the beautiful and … Read moreCOLORFUL SUNSET SKY ⛅️🌇🌆 ( ฟ้าอัสดงสีสดงดงาม ⛅️🌇🌆 )

OTHERWORLDLY SUNSET SKY ⛅️🌥🌆 ( ฟ้าอัสดงในโลกอื่น ⛅️🌥🌆 )

Sometime using the camera app on smartphone can make the unexpectedly stunning photo shoot . Also , it’s without any help from photo editing app or color adjusting . I just use the normal camera app for HUAWEI Y9 to shoot the sunset sky at Mega Bangna’s bus terminal . I set the white balance … Read moreOTHERWORLDLY SUNSET SKY ⛅️🌥🌆 ( ฟ้าอัสดงในโลกอื่น ⛅️🌥🌆 )

3 Layers of Orange Clouds 🔶⛅️🌇 ( เมฆส้ม 3 ชั้น 🔶⛅️🌆 )

Still on the photo of the same place , I went to Mega Bangna again by bus and stepped down at the terminal in the parking area . It was at sunset , the sky was going to dark and the sun already out of the horizon . But , the sunlight still remained and … Read more3 Layers of Orange Clouds 🔶⛅️🌇 ( เมฆส้ม 3 ชั้น 🔶⛅️🌆 )