SUNSET ON TOWNHOUSES ⛅️🌥🌇🌆 ( พระอาทิตย์ลับขอบตึกแถว ⛅️🌥🌇🌆 )

Many people might love to see “ Sunset on horizon “ . But , I think “ Sunset on townhouses “ is also beautiful and fascinating too 🌆🌇👍🏻👌🏻 I was in my 3rd floors bedroom in evening . It was the sunset time on the sky . I didn’t notice it at first until I … Read moreSUNSET ON TOWNHOUSES ⛅️🌥🌇🌆 ( พระอาทิตย์ลับขอบตึกแถว ⛅️🌥🌇🌆 )

LIGHT AND SHADOW OF SKYTRAIN STATION 🚝🚇🚊💡☀️ ( แสงเงาสถานีรถไฟฟ้า 🚝🚇🚊💡☀️ )

Light and shadow photography is like a magic that could turn the ordinary place into another world . The contrast between light and dark area is the work of art by nature . I am the one who fascinating with high contrast light and shadow photo . So , I won’t miss any opportunity to … Read moreLIGHT AND SHADOW OF SKYTRAIN STATION 🚝🚇🚊💡☀️ ( แสงเงาสถานีรถไฟฟ้า 🚝🚇🚊💡☀️ )

COLORFUL SUNSET SKY ⛅️🌇🌆 ( ฟ้าอัสดงสีสดงดงาม ⛅️🌇🌆 )

Sunset sky that look like digital painting on program ( ฟ้าอัสดงที่ดูเหมือนกับภาพวาดลงสีบนโปรแกรมคอมพิวเตอร์ ) The colorful sunset sky when I was walk out the village before dark . The memorial shot I almost miss because I was in a hurry and don’t care anything around . Until I unintentionally look up , I saw the beautiful and … Read moreCOLORFUL SUNSET SKY ⛅️🌇🌆 ( ฟ้าอัสดงสีสดงดงาม ⛅️🌇🌆 )