( 23 Aug 2015 )

The BEST photo I have ever shot

One day , I was going outside to the shopping mall in the afternoon , the storm was coming . It was a big one so I had to be hurry to find some taxi and go . But , I notice something beautiful among the dark . It’s the little blue sky that uncovered and shining the light among the dark clouds . So , I spend few minutes took a photo shot and run before the rain come .

This is the BEST PHOTO I have ever shoot . It’s both aesthetic and philosophic . It’s on the right timing and it’s extremely RARE to see such a contrast sky like this . The blue sky area also has some white clouds . And , the blue sky area with white clouds surrounded by dark clouds and silhouette ground makes the good contrast for whole scene .

For the philosophy behind this photo , the blue sky among the dark clouds means ” hope among hopeless ” . No matter how bad is your life , there is always a hope like a blue sky appears among dark clouds . So , we are not hopeless and we could find the light at the end of tunnel . Therefore , we just have to keep moving on until we success our goals and gain the better life.