Little hole of light in the dark cloudy sky

Little hole of light in the dark cloudy sky

( This photo was taken on 12 Dec 2015 )

Epic little hole of light with some philosophy behind it

One day , I was walking on the Sky walk that connects between Siam Paragon and Central World ( shopping malls in Bangkok ) , I suddenly saw this epic scene . The sky of that day was completely covered with dark clouds but there was a little hole ( or tunnel ) of light appeared on it . So , I took a photo shot immediately and this was one of my best photo shot ever .

This photo seem to have a philosophy in itself . Even there are the darkness covers , there is always a light . As long as there are a light , there is a hope . Sometime nature can be a teacher and teach us something . If we take a look carefully , we could learn some lesson from things around us .

Therefore , I would remind to myself ” there is always a hope for us ” even we are in the darkest day of our life .