This is the website of my photos ( Smartphone ) and illustrations ( Drawing Artworks & Practice ) that I have done for several years . It’s quite a private collection that tell the stories in my life that I would like to share to you people . I personally love photo shooting and I always enjoy shooting for whatever I see , wherever I go and whenever I do . Anything that catch my eyes will be shoot as photos to remind me the wonderful experiences . This world is so beautiful and wonderful that I don’t wanna miss anything interesting and beautiful .

It’s the world that look through my viewpoint and my smartphones’ cameras .

Vary subjects , no limit

The photos I will pose here have a vary subjects ( it can be photo of cloud , places , decoration , animals , cars or whatever ) . Most of them may be the photos of the past , the photos that I still keep them in my PC Drive and they are waiting to be shared . But , I will pose the present or recent photos as well . I may not arrange them by time of photo taken as I would like to share them freely .

For the illustration , it’s mainly my art study and drawing practice . I dream to draw the good anime ( Japanese Cartoon ) characters and artworks . I have been spending my time to study with some art teachers for several years and I would like to share my experience of art to you . I am still very rookie who still need a lot more practice and learning .

All are my photos ( Sometime other’s with credits )

All photos and illustration ( also some video clips ) are ALL DONE by me but sometime if I have to post or share the other’s works ( whatever photos or illustration ) I will give the credits and thanks to them .

I hope you guys are enjoys my photos and illustrations . I would thanks and feel grateful for everyone who take an interest in my works in my website . I am always appreciated and I wish I can do better .

* Important note : My website is still under the early state of development as I am still very NEW to website making . There are many processes or step that I still don’t understand and need to learn more . So , I would apologize in advance if the processes of making still go slow . If there are anything NEW , I will update my website as soon as I can . Hope you people understand .